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About Us

Kerry Lynn began sewing at a very young age; hand-crafting everything from plus-sized prom dresses to ensembles made from her family's sheet sets and table cloths. She has always complimented style, color, and texture with a flair for any project she has set her mind to. As Kerry Lynn grew older her passion for all things couture did, too. Her enthusiasm for design was not limited to clothing; it also included home décor, hand bags and other accessories using high quality fabrics and embellishments. Kerry Lynn has always been a firm believer that the quality of the fabric can make even the simplest silhouette stand out with distinction.

Working with an Haute Couture Bridal Salon on Newbury Street in Boston gave Kerry Lynn the ability to creatively focus on her 'passion for fashion' even further. At the award winning Salon she would choose the perfect silhouette and fabrics to compliment any bride's physique. Select embellishments included beading, Swarovski Crystals, hand-painted Flowers, Alencon and Chantilly Laces, Duchess Silks, Charmeuse, Organza, Peau De Soie and other fine fabrics chosen to flatter the sophisticated bride.

In addition to her fashion expertise, Kerry Lynn has modeled for several well known designers including Liz Claiborne, participated in print campaigns, and hosted many events as well as fashion and trunk shows.

Without exception every KSpin Designs garment is made by hand with precision here in the United States either by Kerry Lynn herself, or one of KSpin Designs expert seamstresses.

With that said there is an important, philanthropic side to KSpin Designs that is just as important as the clothing itself. As a successful businesswoman at the height of her modeling career, 27 year old Kerry Lynn was diagnosed with Melanoma. Ultimately she was successful in beating it, but the experience left her forever changed.

Kerry Lynn created KSpin with a dual purpose in mind; the first being self-confidence and the second purpose being to educate children on the importance of protecting themselves from the Skin Cancer and Melanoma. To this end, KSpin does all it can to get the word out. Included in its wide ranging efforts are providing free sunscreen, Sundicators Sun Safety Bracelets and sun safety tips with every purchase, to sponsoring major fund raising events in New York, Hollywood and other large cities. KSpin also has a Non-Profit Foundation called PrettyPale.Org that celebrates healthy skin. As part of her mission, Ms. Spindler is working on a special children's book on sun safety. 


KSpin Designs is dedicated to bringing you the most unique, high quality designs available today. Contrary to what you will find in even the finest retail stores today, each KSpin garment is crafted from the highest quality fabrics to be found anywhere. With most designers now accustomed to designing in quantity, the quality of the clothing is sacrificed. KSpin Designs will not mass produce any of its designs; making each ensemble unique specifically to your child.

Unlike those mass producing retailers, we make certain that all seams are either fully enclosed in a French seam, or are overstitched for added durability to prevent raveling and cleaner lines. We can do this while others can't because our products are hand-crafted, versus constructed via assembly line.

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