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Wear Sundicators UV Skin-surance to live a healthy outdoor Life-Style! Helps prevent skin cancer and premature aging in just a few easy steps. 

Drench the wristbands (and person) with sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater. The greater the number, the better the protection.The wristbands start dark and will turn a lighter color when sunscreen needs to be reapplied. When the wristband turns colorless, it is time to seek shade. 

Each order contains 5 bands.

** One Size Fits All

** Waterproof/Sport-proof.

** Not responsible for misuse.

** Use as directed on the packing.


PRECAUTIONS: Sundicators are a sun safety aid and not a medical device or used for medical purposes. Adult supervision is recommended. Not responsible for misuse. Use at your own risk. Re-apply sunscreen (often) and take shade during peak times. Using a Sundicators sun safety aid does not replace the use of Sunscreen. Staying out of the sun will decrease the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. Some sunscreens may decrease the UV detection in the band. We recommend a zinc oxide sunscreen for best results.




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