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Kerry Lynn Spindler

Kerry Lynn Spindler, Founder and Melanoma Survivor

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KSpin Designs, an East Coast based children’s couture clothing line, takes an “anti-assembly line” approach when it comes to production. Each garment is specially designed and hand-crafted in the USA by Spindler herself or one of her talented seamstresses. All pieces are made using carefully selected designer fabrics so that each design is unique. KSpin Designs are perfect for events and special occasions.

KSpin Designs serves a dual purpose in its mission. In addition to providing specialty clothing options for boys and girl’s ages 18 months to size 10, KSpin’s collections serve as a platform to raise public awareness for skin cancer. Through Kspin Designs and its awareness foundation, www.PrettyPale.org and their UV Bracelet Technology Sundicators, Spindler, a melanoma survivor, supports skin cancer awareness and education for children and adults by providing free sunscreen, sun safety bracelets and sun-safety tips with every purchase.

Kspin Designs History

Kspin Designs and PrettyPale.org a Melanoma Awareness organization has had much success in the last years. KSpin Designs; a fast growing Children’s Clothing Boutique specializing in sophisticated couture fashions.

What makes the company unique is that it’s about far more than simply producing high quality, well designed clothing. KSpin Designs is truly a labor of love. As a former fashion model, the founder Kerry Lynn Spindler was diagnosed with Melanoma at the age of 27. That experience has turned her passionate in her efforts to teach others, especially children, about the significant health benefits of promoting sun safety. Kerry Lynn has done this through her non-profit company PrettyPale.org through “Sunless Beauty” campaign’s targeting women, men and children of all ages and nationalities.

Spindler realizes that “showing children early on that “Pale is Pretty” helps instill a confidence that they will carry with them throughout their lives”. It’s that very confidence that may just lead them to make smarter, crucial decisions regarding tanning in their vital formative years. Simply put: such decisions save lives.

Kspin Designs and PrettyPale.org sell Sundicators Sun Safety Bracelets in children's and adult sizes that have walked many red carpet events ranging from theater, music, film awards, celebrity birthdays and more. Simply apply sunscreen to the bracelet and when the sunscreen loses its effectiveness, the bracelets turn a dark blue.

Products and Services

Kspin Designs online catalogue showcases all of their unique fashions for girls and boys ages 18 months to size 10 as well as unique accessories and gifts.

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